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Bundaberg to Home

overcast 21 °C

Day 31. July 27
We departed Bundaberg just on 9.00 and drove to Childers. After parking in the caravan parking area very close to the town centre. After morning tea we walked up and down the main street and had a look at the memorial to the 15 young folk who died in the fire in the Palace Hotel backpackers in 2000.
We continued on to Biggenden for lunch and we noticed that the Englishman had driven quite close to a power pole again - he did this 3 years ago when we were with him and tore the awning off his van.
On then to Ban Ban Springs for the night. Not much here, just a toilet block and a service station. We have stayed here a few times before.
The sunset tonight was quite pretty.

Day 32. July 28
After a noisy night last night we left Ban Ban Springs a bit earlier than usual and drove to Goomeri where we had morning tea and a walk around this small village. We noticed a rather neat looking caravan in the street.
On then to Yarraman where we had lunch and again a walk around the town. The pies here were rather delicious.
After lunch we continued on through Crows Nest to Hampton where Pommy Bob unhitched his van and he and Bob drove out to Crows Nest National Park to have a look at the falls there. Hiroe stayed behind to keep an eye on the vans. It was a lovely walk but the falls left a lot to be desired - not very much water.
We will camp here in Hampton for the night.

Day 33. July 29
After a nice quiet sleep in the rest area at Hampton we drove into Toowoomba where we refuelled before continuing on to Millmerran then on to Inglewood for lunch and a walk around the town. Not very much here but took a photo of Hiroe and Pommy Bob in the main street.
Onwards to Texas which is on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Had to stop at the towns entry to take some photos.
Pommy Bob couldn't find his passport to enter NSW so we had to make up a temporary one (haha).
We did the mandatory walk around town the carried on to the small town of Yetman and booked in to the very quiet clean caravan park at only $10..00 a night with power, water and free washing machine in the amenities block.
No TV here so will have to just talk to one another which shouldn't be a problem with the English gent.

Day 34. July 30
We had a very cold night last night and it was only 1.5 deg in the van this morning. We were glad to get underway and have the heater on in the car. Would you believe it, after all the trouble Pommy Bob had with his car last year it started to play up again and we had to travel 60 km to Warialda at about 30 - 50km per hour and even slower up hills. It was a worry. When we arrived in Warialda eventually, Bob rang the NRMA and when the serviceman arrived he drained the fuel filter system and re-programmed the computer in his car so luckily this time it may have only been water in the fuel causing the trouble.
We drove on to Bingara where we had lunch and a good look around this small village then continued on to Barraba for the night. We have a small outdoor toilet (ensuite) next to our van.

Day 35. July 31
We departed Barraba early this morning as we had quite a distance to go (340km). We stopped at Tamworth to have a look at the Big Golden Guitar and to have morning tea.
On then to Musswelbrook where we thought we might have lunch. There was nowhere to park so we had to keep going to almost at Singleton where there was a lovely big Rest Area then on the Cessnock for the night in the towns Showground.
Hopefully the temperature won't get as low tonight as it was for the last 2 nights (down to 1 or below).
We should get home sometime tomorrow with any luck.

Day 36. Aug 1
After another quiet night, Pommy Bob has decided to go to Newcastle today then to Lane Cove to meet up with his son tomorrow so we will travel home by ourselves today.
We had a good run home and arrived there just on 1.00 pm. Washed the right hand side and rear of the caravan (it's too difficult when the van is parked near the hedge) and unpacked everything.
We had a very short holiday this year, not what we had planned but you can't do much about the weather. Better luck hext year.
We have heard that many thousands of vans have been travelling south to escape the water and mud in Queensland.

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Emerald to Bundaberg

sunny 27 °C


Sorry about not saying where we went in the tile of the last entry. It should have said: Barcaldine to Longreach and return then on to Emerald.
I didn't provide a map either. Thought I would throw in another photo of the Crystal Trumpeters at Jerico.

Day 25 July 20.
I took a photo of Georges vehicle in the mud this morning.
This afternoon Hiroe, Bob and Pommy Bob went to have a look at the local Botanic Garden and when there found a children's playground and you guessed it Pommy and Hiroe couldn't resit the temptation to try out some of the equipment.

We then went back into town for a quick look at the rather nice looking railway station. The "Spirit of the Outback" train was in the station and when we talked to some security folk on the platform they told us that this train left Brisbane for Longreach (27 hour trip), but couldn't go any further due to the rain and the passengers had to be offloaded and taken to Longreach by bus.2016_July_..on_2__Copy_.jpg2016_July_..on_1__Copy_.jpg

Day 26. July 21
Departed Emerald at 9.00 am and headed for Springsure where we had morning tea. It has been raining a bit since we left Emerald. There are some interesting cliffs behind this small town - One of the peaks is called "Virgin Rock".
One the way out of town we passed a large windmill in a park so we stopped and I took a photo of Pommy Bob standing under it. The blades are 24 foot in diameter and weigh 2.4 tonne.
We carried on and have booked into the one and only caravan park at Rolleston.

Day 27. July 22
We left Rolleston just on 9.00 and headed for Moura where we ill stay for the night. It was only a 149km run and we have camped on the banks of the Dawson River. It is quite muddy after all the recent rain.
We went for a short walk later in the afternoon and took a photo from on the bridge over the Dawson River of out free campsite
We had a combined stew again tonight - George and Peter took charge and produced a lovely meal.

Day 28. July 23
We left Moura this morning without actually stopping to look at the townsite and drove to Banana where we refuelled and again the only thing worth looking at on today's trip was the statue and story about the yellow bullock called Banana which gave its name to the whole shire and town. Did we stop and take photos - Well NO.
Onwards to Biloela where we all did some shopping and had morning tea then continuing on to Calliope for lunch a set up as this is where we will camp for the night. For the first day in weeks we have green grass under the van. It really is a nice place.

Day 29. July 24
After a great night at Calliope George Pommy Bob and we departed - Peter is going to stay at Calliope for 3 days then head home via Brisbane.
We all continued on to Miriam Vale where we had morning tea together then George left us to travel to Agnes Waters and his daughters home.
Pommy and us travelled on to Bundaberg where we booked into a caravan park right on the rivers edge.
After setting up we all went to The Botanic gardens at Bundaberg. It is quite extensive and has a small train which circles the gardens ans well as small lakes and a Chinese garden.

From here we went to the Information Centre to determine what we will be doing here for the next 2 days.

Day 30. July 25
This morning the Englishman and us drove out to Burnett Heads Marina and Bundaberg Port for a quick look then on to the up-market village of Bargara which is on the Beach. Took some photos of Bob and Hiroe while we were there but unfortunately the sun was in the wrong direction and spoiled the view. Pommy had a paddle in the Indian Ocean in Western Australia when we were there a few years back so had to have a go here in the Pacific Ocean as well. We had morning tea here.
We called in and had a look at "The Hummock" which is the only hill anywhere near Bundaberg but the view wasn't very good as the shrubbery etc has grown too tall.
We then went to Sugarland Shopping Centre and had lunch before doing the usual bit of shopping and returning to the vans for afternoon tea.

Day 31. July 26
This morning we went to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. On the way we travelled over the Burnett River bridge.
We met up with George to do the tour. The lass and guy who led the tour did a great job and we enjoyed the experience.
After lunch we visited the Bundaberg Ginger Beer Factory intending to do a tour however, there was only a 'Self-Guided Tour' and that was too expensive so we gave it a miss.
We then went to a Cooperage however the Cooper was way today doing demonstrations so we missed out again.
We, that's it for this entry. Stay in touch and we will be back soon.
Bob and Hiroe (and Pommy Bob).

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Barcaldine to

Rain and more rain

overcast 19 °C
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Day 22. July 17.
We left Barcaldine just on 9.00 and headed west again. The rain has eased and it is only a very fine sprinkle all the way to Longreach. We had morning tea at Ilfracombe and took a few photos of some of the hundreds of old machinery pieces which line the side of the main street.
We booked into a caravan park which is quite muddy but at least we have power and there isn't too much change of our being bogged here.
We rang Bob's cousin David who lives in Longreach and invited ourselves to afternoon tea and spent the afternoon with David and Betty and later on their son Danny and his son Ethan came to see us. It was a pleasant afternoon.
When we came back to the van we caught up with George Peter and Pommy Bob. They are all fed up with all the rain and mud in SUNNY QUEENLAND and are thinking about going east to the coast then home. We think that all the van parks and free camps will be the same as this for quite a while even if the rain does stop. It is very uncomfortable.

Day 23. July 18
We did some laundry this morning in the towns laudromat and followed that up with a little shopping. When we returned to the van we found that the boys had been talking and were thinking of leaving this afternoon as the tourist info centre were advising everyone to leave as the weather was going to get worse. So at about 2.00 pm we pulled up stakes and drove back down the highway - through Barcaldine - to a rest area 50km east of Barcaldine at Alice River which was quite solid.. Glenn and Yvonne have decided to go direct to Yvonnes sons home down near Brisbane so they have headed off separately.

Day 24. July 19.
We left the good campsite near the Alice River and drove through Jerico stopping there long enough to take a couple of photos of the Crystal Trumpeters:

Crystal Trumpeters

In 1988 the 'Crystal Trumpeters' were constructed in memory of the Biblical story where the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for six days and blew their trumpets on the seventh day and watched as the city walls collapsed. The crystals symbolise various moments in the Old Testament such as the slavery in Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the receiving of the Ten Commandments, the crossing of the River Jordan and the arrival in the Promised Land.
We had morning tea at Alpha then drove on the Anakie where we had lunch. The railway station here is quite cute.
Next stop was at Emerald where we thought we might camp at the free campsite - It was packed as well as being VERY muddy so we went to the Showground and were lucky to get spots. It is a bit muddy here as well.

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Yowah to Barcaldine

Days 16 - 21

rain 14 °C
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Day 16. July 11.
Leaving Yowah at 9.00 am we drove to the junction of the Thargominda/Toompine Rd where we had morning tea and collected a heap of firewood for cooking tonight's dinner with. While we were there we noticed Pommy Bob's colourful socks.
The road today is very narrow, just 1 car width. The ex Premier of Queensland (Joh Bjelke-Petersen), decreed that he could bitumise the road twice as far if he only made it one lane (except of course in front of his house and his sons driveway).
We passed an interesting hill on the way and Hiroe took a photo out of the car window.
We called in to Toompine for a quick look around. This is a VERY small village so it didn't take long.
Pommy Bob and we turned off this road just before Quilpie and drove 2.4 km on a gravel road to have a look at the Baldy Top Hill. We have been here before but the Englishman hadn't. He decided not to try the hill climb with the caravan attached using the excuse that he might not be able to turn around at the top.
After a quick look around Quilpie and having lunch there, we continued on to tonight's campspot just over a km out of town on the bank of the Bulloo River.
There was a ford across the Bulloo River not very far from where we have camped and took a photo of this as well as a tree growing on the rock near it. The roots were spread out over the rock.
George and Peter prepared a lovely beef stew for tonight's dinner using a camp oven on the fire. It was delicious.

Day 17. July 12.
It looks like it might rain today so we got underway fairly early. Not long after leaving our campspot it started to sprinkle and did so for the rest of the day.
Pommy Bob has changed his socks and the new ones are just as colourful as yesterdays.
Not very much to report today except that we drove 210 km to the town of Charleville and booked into a nice quiet caravan park. We had lunch did some laundry then filled a gas bottle, obtained a new battery for Bob's watch, called into a hardware shop for some silastic Put the laundry through a clothes dryer and visited and Op shop before returning to the van for "Happy Hour" with damper supplied by the park hosts.

Day 18. July 13.
We had a quick trip into town this morning to refuel and to pay a visit to the STEIGER VORTEX GUNS. There was a severe drought in Queensland early in 1900's and all sorts of attempts were made to make it rain.

Very interesting what Wragg thought about politicians.

Day 19. July 14.
This morning we all went on a bus tour of Charleville including a Fire and Flood explanation.
There have been some severe floods in recent years and the government expended a large amount on building levy banks to protect the town.
Many (that's MANY) original town buildings have been burnt down over the years and most have been re-built in brick.
We had left our vans in the caravan park and departed there at 11.30 for Augathella for a late lunch. After that we drove to the very nice, small town of Tambo where we will stay the night in a free camp just a km out of town. It has been sprinkling rain all day and it is very cold. We have the gas heater on and the TV is working OK. Where is this "SUNNY QUEENSLAND"? we were looking forward to.

Day 20. July 15.
In the morning I took a photo of another very interesting tree on the banks of the small Barcoo River at Tambo.
There was a flock of Galahs not very far from where we were camped.
We drove up into Tambo and at the entrance to town was a sculpture of a wool carrying truck which was great.
We drove on the Blackall so that Pommy Bob could get a new battery for his caravan and visited one of the "Black Stumps" around Australia. It's said that anywhere inland from here is beyond the Black Stump.
We had a look at the old Steam driven wool scour just outside of Blackall and did the tour of the place.
We had lunch here and not too far from the lunch stop was an old house which has to be considered as a "Renovators Dream"
Not far from there was an old stationary engine with a water boring attachment.
We continued on the town of Barcaldine which is the home of The Tree of Knowledge and booked into the overflow caravan park in the towns showground. Everywhere is PACKED - it's not sprinkling any more - it's raining and cold (11 deg max today). we will stay here for 2 nights.
We originally intended going north from here to Muttaburra then continuing north from there to Hughenden however due to the rain all those roads are closed and so we have to do a few hundred km detour instead.

Day 21. July 16.
It rained all night and this morning, the caravan opposite ours was standing in water.
We went into town with Glenn and Yvonne in their car and had a quick look at the Tree of Knowledge which is where the Australian Labour Party had it's birth. If the photo looks dark it's because it is very overcast and raining.
George has suggested that we leave here tomorrow and we all agreed. We have decided that we are going to move on tomorrow but before leaving here where we need to know that we have a site. He phoned ahead to Longreach to see if any of the caravan parks have vacancies. We are in luck and will travel there tomorrow.

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From Bourke to Yowah

Days 12 - 15

semi-overcast 17 °C

Day 12. July 7
We've not much to report today. We went to town 3 times. Hiroe had a haircut. We refuelled. We purchased some groceries and just sat around for the rest of the time relaxing. It has been reasonably warm today for a change.

Day 13. July 8
We left Bourke this morning and drove northwards towards Cunnamulla which is in Queensland. On the way we stopped for morning tea and noticed a couple of Major Mitchell Cockatoos in a tree.
We crossed the border and in doing so took some photos.
We continued on to just 31 km south of Cunnamulla and have camped for the night in a truck stop - well we are back into the scrub further away from the truck stop itself.

Day 14. July 9
We drove into Cunnamulla this morning and had a good look around the town including a visit to the Information Centre and the statue of The Cunnamulla Fella which originated from a song by Slim Dusty.
After doing some more shopping (a never ending task since caravans have limited space), we drove on to Eulo where we had lunch and another walk around this very small town.. There is a bronze statue of a Diprotodon who's bones were found near hear a few years back. Diprotodona were the largest marsupials to have ever lived.
The old Police cells have been restored and moved to a small park in town.
Just a short trip down the road is a date farm - well was a date farm - the drought has meant that it no longer is viable. There was a junk ("STUFF") shed in the yard.
10km further on was a couple of Mud Mounds however they were not working but we had a look anyway.
On then to Yowah where we have camped for a few nights. This is an Opal area and we are hoping to all become millionaires.

Day 15. July 10.
At Yowah. We will leave here tomorrow morning and sad to say we didn't make millions, in fact we didn't make cents. We went for a walk around town this morning (it didn't take long). We had morning tea then returned to the vans to prepare for lunch and noticed a weird cloud formation behind our caravan.
After lunch Pommy joined us for a trip out to "The Bluff" to have a look at the surrounding countryside. (Not too much to see either).
We visited the local Sunday Markets and didn't buy any opals.
It is very dry out here - we can't work out what the native animal eat (apart from rocks) nor what the few cattle we have seen eat.

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